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Sewer Unblocking In Preston

Your water authority is responsible for sewers in your borough and so any toilets, drain or drains become blocked as a result of a blocked sewer the Clearing Blocked Drains Preston plumbing and drainage will expect you to contact them. Clearing Blocked Drains Preston have no powers to ensure your local water authority maintain and repair the public sewerage system but if you have a blocked toilet or blocked toilets it can be due to a block in the drainage system beyond your property boundary and therefore it is up to them to fix it. A blocked toilet or blocked drain that is a result of a blockage in the pipes within your property line are your responsibility so get in contact with Clearing Blocked Drains Preston on 01772 382131 and we will fix it.

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Expert Unblocking From Clearing Blocked Drains Preston

Clearing Blocked Drains Preston are experts at clearing blocked drains and would be delighted to take over the horrible job of unclogging a blocked toilet, however, if the fault is with the drains outside your property boundary then the local water authority will be accountable for their unblocking. Your local water authority are responsible for any drains outside your property line so for any blocked toilet or drain issue you have within your property Clearing Blocked Drains Preston would be delighted to assist.

To report an overflowing public sewer, you should get in touch with your local water authority, however, if you have a blocked toilet as a result of your own drains clearing blocked drains and toilet unblocking are up to you so to get the job done for blocked toilets and any other drainage issue you are responsible for call Clearing Blocked Drains Preston on 01772 382131.

Drain Unblocking By Clearing Blocked Drains Preston

Often understanding who is responsible for your blocked drains is a minefield so call on Clearing Blocked Drains Preston who can help you with any drainage issues including who is accountable for the blocked sewer.

If Clearing Blocked Drains Preston are charged by the local water authority when the tenant was the cause of a blocked drain or blocked drains, then we will pass on the charges imposed to the tenant or leaseholder if required. The local water authority will charge if it is found that a blocked drain or blocked drains in Preston and the surrounding areas are as a result of a tenant or leaseholder and Clearing Blocked Drains Preston will not accept these charges but will pass on contact details to the authority of those responsible.

Using the latest technology our drainage services at Clearing Blocked Drains Preston include drain cleaning that ensure your drains are back in full working order and in the best of health. When you have a blocked drain or drainage systems Clearing Blocked Drains Preston understand that it is an emergency and we will be on site to investigate your drainage system issues as soon as possible in Preston.